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Work Psychology & Coaching Services. 

Aalto Potential provides services for Individuals and Organisations and also specialises in Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Training, utilising Psychometric Assessments and Coaching Techniques to tap into one's unique potential. All services can be carried out either in person or online.

Diversity & Inclusion Training Dublin

Are you interested in learning more about your personality; your unique way of thinking, feeling and behaving and how to leverage this individuality? Do you wish to set yourself goals and objectives, whilst developing your self-management and personal brand?


Is your organisation looking to enhance their selection process by conducting psychometric testing for a potential employee to get a more objective, inclusive, in-depth assessment of the candidate, simultaneously adding more value to the overall candidate experience?


If you already have a team in place, are you interested in finding out more about the diversity of your team members, particularly the less visible aspects of diversity such as personality, values and cognitive diversity and discover how it can influence a culture of inclusion, innovation and creativity?


Career Coach Dublin


Are you hoping to find a career path that compliments your personality, values, and abilities? Or are you feeling stuck in your current role and eager to make your work bring more fulfilment and build your personal brand?

When choosing a career path, you should have a confident understanding of not only your skills, abilities, and interests but also of who you are – and who you want to become – in order to pursue the most suitable direction. Aalto Potential can support you with this through comprehensive assessment and coaching.


Career Coaching is suitable for anyone who is motivated to learn more about themselves and their career options, such as students (leaving cert or university), working professionals, and jobseekers. You will gain understanding how your personality, interests, and values can influence your career choices, challenges, and overall career satisfaction.


Are you an experienced or a newly promoted leader looking to enhance your leadership style and eager to build on your strengths and discover your blindspots –sometimes overplayed strengths – to leverage your potential?​

Executive Coaching is one-to-one development for leaders and managers, focusing on such areas as communication and leadership style; self-reflection and self-management; as well as decision making and managing change.


As an executive rises in the hierarchy of their organisation, the flow of information can also change, resulting in blindspots. Personality assessment and coaching can facilitate leaders with more accurate self-perceptions to develop their strengths and manage their interpersonal derailers. They will also work on their introspective skills and understanding other perspectives, thus enhancing their versatility as a leader.


Are you looking to initiate your personal development journey with the help of psychometric assessments and coaching? Are you looking for direction and clarity in various aspects of your life?

Personal Development Coaching is designed for those individuals who are interested in coaching, even if they might not have full clarity of what they would like to work on. This tailor-made service focuses on discovering who you are and how you think, act, and feel, how you relate to others, as well as finding out your internal values and drives that influence your every-day decisions. 

Personal Development Coaching will help you set challenging goals and targets and make mindful decisions - based on your own, unique traits. Your coach will support you and empower you along the way and the assessments will provide a tangible roadmap for your development.


Are you interested in learning more about yourself by completing a widely respected and validated personality assessment, followed by a feedback session to gain further insight?


This once-off session includes personality profiling and feedback, utilising Raymond Cattell's 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF®) to explore your personality traits and characteristics in an objective and scientific manner. The 16PF is a widely used, comprehensive personality test that measures normal-range personality (i.e. it not psychopathology or psychological problems). It will give you an in-depth, integrated picture of who you are, helping you understand a wide range of your unique dynamics and behaviours. 


The emphasis of the session will be on feeding back the personality profile, however, in order to validate the accuracy of the profile we will discuss how aspects of your personality manifest in real life.​



Psychometric Testing for Selection and R


Is your organisation looking to enhance their recruitment and selection processes by using a tailored and inclusive psychometric assessment service to get a better and more accurate view of the candidates – who they are and how they do their work?

Aalto Potential's tailored psychometric assessment service eliminates a significant level of bias in your organisation's recruitment processes – the hiring manager's subjective views are less likely to influence important decisions when objective measures and validation interviews are used. To maximise the predictive accuracy of the psychometrics, a competency framework of the role in question can also be applied to the validation process.


Utilising psychometric assessments in your selection processes will not only improve objectivity, but a comprehensive assessment and feedback process followed by a personalised psychometric report will also increase the inclusiveness of the candidate experience, due to the significant benefits and learning for both parties. In a selection process, it is important to remember that it is not about striving to find an all-round perfect candidate, but to identify each potential employee's specific styles and strengths - their unique contribution to a given role.


Is your organisation making critical hiring decisions for a leadership role and wishes to get a more in-depth understanding of who the candidates are as leaders – how they build teams, solve problems, and how they communicate their vision?

Aalto Potential uses psychometric assessments in executive selection to get a better, all-round view of a candidate in terms of their ability and their personality and leadership attributes. Psychometrics can eliminate a significant level of bias from the process by utilising the objective framework, coupled with the one-to-one validation interview with the candidate, followed by a personalised psychometric report. This will enhance the benefits and learning from the selection experience for both parties.


In addition to leadership and personality, we will also assess the leader's cognitive capacity in terms of strategic thinking and their objective, critical reasoning skills. This will give a holistic, unique picture of the candidate and what they can bring to the leadership position. Furthermore, the assessment profile can also be used as a baseline for their leadership development plan.

To maximise the predictive accuracy of the psychometrics, an organisation-specific competency framework  can be applied to the process.


How does your organisation approach employee onboarding? Is the focus more on the technical aspects and training, or are they also interested in taking the new employee's individual style into account?

Whether you have used psychometrics as a part of your initial selection process or not, utilising them as a part of the employees training, induction and onboarding process will have significant benefits. A psychometric profiling with one-to-one feedback and validation will allow the new employee, as well as the organisation, to get a more in-depth view of who they are and how they can grow.


After combining the assessment results with the one-to-one feedback, a Personal Development Plan will be tailored to make the transition or onboarding period smoother and to have goals and a tangible plan in place for development.

Utilising psychometric assessments will increase the employee's level of engagement in the new role by validating their individual style, awareness, and level of adaptability. This will bring an inclusive approach to anyone starting a new professional journey – enhancing their level of belonging in their new organisation. 


Is your organisation faced with the challenges of redundancies and career transitions? Are you hoping to enhance these employees' future orientation and empowerment throughout the exit process?


Whilst an undoubtedly difficult time, a redundancy, career transition, or other termination of employment can also be used as an opportunity for the individual to learn and to develop. For organisations, a professional exit process is not only important in terms of respect and compassion, it is also a crucial aspect of the employer brand. The exit process can influence the past, present and future employees of the organisation. 

Outplacement support can prepare the employee to take on a new role or career, with a combination of psychometric assessment, one-to-one coaching, and practical CV and interview preparation, creating a holistic support service and a sounding board. With the help of self-reflection and positive reinforcement, the individual can learn more about themselves and further build on their personal brand.


Especially for those who have been in the same role or organisation for a substantial period of time, it can be vital to create a fresh perspective of who they are, with a roadmap of their unique potential and future career.



Diversity and Inclusion training Ireland


How does an organisation overcome the challenges of creating a diverse culture with a strong sense of inclusion, psychological safety, and belonging for all its members? What are some of the psychological constructs that influence it?


This interactive presentation combines the concepts of diversity, inclusion and belonging with the importance of understanding individual differences, unconscious biases, and fostering psychological safety in the workplace to enable engagement and innovation. It also covers the topics of cognitive diversity and neurodiversity - understanding the variety in our styles of information processing and problem solving.


Please get in touch to discuss your organisation's needs to see how the tailor-made session can benefit your teams and individuals and ultimately your organisation as a whole. ​


Do you have a talented team who you want to become more cohesive, creative and overall effective? What individual qualities do the team members have? Does each team member feel safe to express themselves, their personalities and their ideas?


As much as the representation of diversity in biographical differences is important in an organisation, so are the less visible factors. Aalto Potential provides custom-made team assessment and development programmes to enhance team cohesion and creativity by increasing the understanding of how each other are different and alike in terms of their personality, values, and thinking styles, and what behavioural derailers the team might possess. 


The goal for this tailor-made service is to learn not only understand but to appreciate the differences and to learn how to leverage and manage each other's strengths to work more effectively as a team.​


Are you interested in learning more about not only yourself but also of others and their various personality characteristics? Are you hoping to increase your team's synergy and creativity by creating psychological safety?

Inclusion Coaching at Aalto Potential is a coaching approach that focuses on identifying the diverse aspects of your own personality and your potential unconscious biases by utilising personality profiling.


Crucially, the coaching also looks at the variety in personality characteristics that may differ from your own and how that interaction of personalities manifests itself at work. Therefore, Inclusion Coaching does not only increase the understanding of yourself, your personality, and your work style, but those of others. It also focuses on the concept of psychological safety and how leaders and individuals can foster it in the workplace.


Are you in interested in having an organisational survey conducted to acquire data on employee inclusion, belonging and psychological safety? Does your organisation wish to enhance its organisational change processes with baseline data?


Aalto Potential provides organisational surveys to measure your organisation's current status in terms of their engagement, inclusion, or psychological safety. The surveys can be used as a baseline to further interventions in your organisation to provide a more tangible measure of change.


Research indicates that teams and organisations that are not only diverse, but also inclusive and psychologically safe have a competitive advantage in terms of staff engagement, wellbeing, collaboration, learning, innovation, and retention.



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